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Matterport Scanning

Stored in the cloud, the scan can be switched from public to private, and shared with anybody by e-mailing them a link to click on, simple as that.

No software to download, click and view it anytime, for a 24/7 open house!

Smaller properties can be easily scanned on site in as little as 1 hour with wireless equipment, and the final scan is ready for viewing in 1 day or less.

Links can be MLS friendly for real estate sale listings. We can also assist you to place the tours directly on any website you have, or provide a stand alone website for any property.

The full color, high detail 3D scan opens with an initial “Dollhouse” view, to allow quick and easy viewer orientation of even large, multi-floor properties up to 6000 square feet. Think of holding a globe of the world in your hand, this spinnable, zoomable view allows you to overview the property, and then jump into any room to navigate around at your leisure.

The immersion of exploring a building as if you were walking through it, provides intimate knowledge of the space, without having ever visited in person. Views from windows are also scanned, as well as outdoor adjoining decks, porches or landscape views, which combined provide a very realistic tour, walking from inside to outside and back in. Instantly float from floor to floor elevator-style, or navigate up and down stairways as you wish.

A “Floorplan” view button shows any floor looking from directly above for a good sense of the layout.

Matterport tours of business’s can be easily linked to pop up on Google street maps, great benefit! Retail, hotel, restaurant, café, garage, can be discovered and viewed on smartphones etc.

For a truly interactive, visually impressive 3D tour of a property, Matterport technology has no equal.​

  • Full color, full 3D interactive scan (not a video tour)

  • Dollhouse overview

  • Navigate inside and outside the property boundaries

  • Floor Plans and room dimensions automatically generated

  • Still shots from any view point in the scan

  • 360 degree outside panoramic shots

  • Mattertags with hotlinks

  • Business scans pop up on Google maps

Matterport sample, use the mouse to interact

Matterport sample, use the mouse to interact

How does it work?

A tripod scanner gathers 3D mesh data along with pictures from several on board cameras.


The photo imagery scan detail is very high, you can stop and zoom in and out at any point.

The scanner uses infrared technology which provides a nicely lit tour regardless of interior lighting.

Bright sunlight directly into the camera when outdoors needs to be avoided, but otherwise properties could be scanned even in complete darkness.

Since the scan is a combination of 3D data and photo imagery; still shot pictures, floorplans and room measurements can be quickly generated from the same scan, and output as separate documents. You can even request a downloadable .obj model file of the property interior.

Still shot pictures can be selected as medium or high resolution for export or “highlight reels” easy to share. Also, separate 360 degree panoramic views can be captured anywhere outside, for example to view front entrance “hero shots” etc.

“Mattertags” allow any room feature to be pointed out with an informative 3D label. (Can embed hotlinks in tags to redirect to other sites or video clips)

3D Scansmith Matterport Customers
3D Scansmith Matterport
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