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Objet Scanning

Since 2011, we have provided high resolution object scanning for many industries and organizations. 


Some items needing scans are "legacy" parts born before CAD models existed that now need to be digitized and updated, or we see works of sculptural art with may be impossible to CAD model from scratch, but needing conservation or archival digital storage.

From plates of food to goat horns, from racing car parts to medical instruments ... not much we haven't been approached about.

It's very satisfying to be able to help many different types of clients, and new challenges are always on the horizon.

Photogrammetry scan sample, use the mouse to interact

How can we help with yours?

Scanning technologies have progressed at a rapid pace, and are generating interest from many industries and clients looking to harness the advantages in labor savings, and time savings of new digital work flows.

We have developed specialties to handle difficult to scan items, be they black, shiny, hairy, delicate or highly valuable, and can offer solutions for many needs.

Captured scan data can often be used directly for 3D printing or CNC machining, but some cases require conversion of the data to CAD files. This is also a specialized function requiring skilled labor, and we can provide CAD capability to support your needs, whether it be "dumb solids" or parametric SolidWorks files.

The size range of discrete objects we can scan is from the veins in a grasshopper's wing, up to the size of a sports car, possibly larger depending on detail and precision required.

Optical exterior scans are performed using structured light scanning or laser scan, however sometimes items with interior, hidden details are required. For this case we can deploy X-Ray / CT scanning if needed, for a complete 100% volume scan.

Case Studies

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