Property Scanning

Matterport scan sample, use the mouse to interact

Object Scanning

Structured Light scan sample, use the mouse to interact


Structured Light
Structured Light Scanning
Photogrammetry Scanning

A light pattern is projected onto an object, and cameras precisely measure the line distortions caused by the surface details of the object.

 X-Ray / Computed Tomography
 X-Ray / Computed Tomography

For detailed internal and external inspection of objects in a non-destructive manner. Can be used for many rigid materials.

Drone Scanning

The airborne platform can acquire images and 3D scan data for large overviews or hard to access areas.

The art and science of using overlapping photographs to reconstruct three dimensional scenes or objects.


Utilizes Infrared 3D data combined with HDR photography providing a true 3D walk-through scan tour of properties.




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